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Charlie, Presumed Dead by Anne Heltzel

Charlie, Presumed Dead

by Anne Heltzel

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Curiosity is killer....

The charming, jet-setting Charlie Price is presumed dead following a tragic plane crash. At his funeral, Charlie’s double life is exposed when his two girlfriends—Lena and Aubrey—collide.

Reckless and glamorous, Lena Whitney believes Charlie is still alive, and she won’t rest until she’s found him. She and Aubrey Boroughs—a sheltered aspiring artist—team up on a journey across Europe and Asia to uncover the full extent of Charlie’s deception.

As a trail of Charlie’s lies carries them across continents, it’s the girls’ unlikely friendship that keeps them strong…until they each discover that the other has been harboring a destructive secret of her own. Can their fledgling bond survive Charlie’s final—and most insidious—betrayal?

This page-turning psychological mystery will engulf teen fans of Gillian Flynn and We Were Liars. 


"Reminiscent of Gone Girl with its elaborate twists and turns.... An edgy thriller that keeps the guesses coming until the last word." --Kirkus

"A thrilling and immersive tale of manipulation as wily as Charlie himself." --Publishers Weekly

"This globe-trotting adventure/mystery is guaranteed to inspire travel lust." -- The Boston Globe

"Travel descriptions and fast-faced writing sprinkled with intrigue and horror spin this story forward at an enjoyable pace. Teen suspense fans will be satisfied with the Gone Girl-esque feeling of the work. The first in a series, the ending may leave some tearing at their hair, but the promise of more books will keep many readers salivating." --School Library Journal

"A trippy, globetrotting mysterious adventure, this is a twisty and fun read. Dueling protagonists Lena and Aubrey tell a compelling tale, and their relationship is a real highlight of the novel. They could compete, but instead become friends, all as the terrifying truth comes to light. Prepare yourselves, please, for the epic cliffhanger ending." --Romantic Times Book Reviews

"A creepy, thrilling, tangled web of book. I couldn’t put it down. Anne Heltzel has written two bold, complicated young women as they embark on an adventure through Europe unraveling the disappearance of their shared boyfriend, Charlie (presumed dead.) Their mystery is everybody’s mystery at some point, whether we like it or not: Who is this person I’m dating and what are they hiding?"--David Iserson, author of Firecracker and writer for SNL, New Girl, and Mad Men

"So twisty and Devious I couldn't stop turning the pages." --Marie Rutkoski, author of The Winner's Curse series

"Buckle in tight. Charlie, Presumed Dead is a mystery wrapped in a puzzle wrapped in a roller coaster. Full of compelling characters and exotic settings, this dark and twisty thrill ride kept me up late and kept me guessing." --Fiona Paul, author of Venom